F.M. Alexander (1869-1955), Founder of the Alexander Technique

"The Alexander Technique has helped me to undo knots, unblock energy and deal with almost paralyzing stage fright."

- William Hurt, actor

The Alexander Technique keeps the body alive, at ages when many people have resigned themselves to irreversible decline…With all its demands, the Alexander Technique is worth every moment it asks for, and those once committed to it may well find that they cannot do without it. It is an enlargement of whatever life may be yours.

- Robertson Davies, writer

I have been a pupil of the Alexander Technique now for over forty years – the benefits to me have been immeasurable.

- Sir Colin Davies, Conductor

Using the Alexander Technique empowers me and gives me a balanced sense of tension rather than relying on creating tension to do something in order to produce a sound or an act that is preconceived. I realized that I cannot control a set of circumstances outside of myself so I can go on a journey relying on the state of mind and body that the Alexander Technique gives me.

- Alan Rickman, actor

The Alexander Technique gives us all the things we have been looking for in a system of physical education:  relief from strain due to maladjustment and consequent improvement in physical and mental health and along with this a heightening of consciousness on all levels. We cannot ask more from any system; nor, if we seriously desire to alter human beings in a desirable direction, can we ask any less.

- Aldous Huxley, writer

Good acting is revealing yourself, not covering yourself up. If your body is free, your mind is free. [The Alexander Technique allows] you to feel what it’s like to stay open physically and also stay fully involved in whatever you’re supposed to be doing.

- Annette Bening, actor

The Technique’s many benefits for actors include minimized tension, centeredness, vocal relaxation, and responsiveness, mind/body connection and about an inch and a half of additional height.

- Kevin Kline, actor

…That whole semester I took Alexander lessons instead of attending movement classes which helped me enormously in my training and in subsequent years in my acting work. Now I can play people who are graceful and beautiful.

- Lynn Redgrave, actor