Heather’s accompanying is known for its sensitivity, subtlety and responsiveness. She works collaboratively, building a rapport with musicians, and thoroughly enjoys the creative musical process.

Heather understands that she must not only be able to follow a soloist, but be finely attuned to anticipate difficulties and adjust her playing at any given moment. If the soloist has a memory lapse or comes in a bar early or late, it is Heather’s job to smooth over any such difficulties, allowing the performance to remain fluid.

Heather wants to support artists so they can present their best interpretation and performance. In order to do this she clarifies the musical intention of the soloist. This allows her to set up the pianistic context that will match the intention of the soloist. This is where Heather’s instinct and the intangible communication that happens between ensemble musicians can make a significant difference to the quality of the performance.

Each soloist or ensemble will have unique accompanying requirements. Heather has a wide palette of colours and can easily alter the colour of her piano playing to suit the style of the composer and capabilities of the musicians. For example, if a soprano has a thinner upper range, Heather will likewise thin out the tone of the piano so as not to overpower the voice.

Heather knows that it is her responsibility to make sure that the balance between herself and the other musicians is achieved. Musicians should never have to force a tone for the sake of balance.

Heather has accompanied a wide variety of different instrumentalists, from strings and woodwinds to voice and brass. She is equally comfortable with choral and chamber music.

For more information on Heather’s accompaniment services, contact Heather at
HeatherCampbellPianist@outlook.com or call 905-820-7048.